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Top 3 Interior Design Trends for 2023

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The world of interior design is constantly changing and evolving. Like all other industries, trends come and go throughout the years. A lot of trends that we see in present-day design have been reprised from previous design trends and statements seen throughout history. Some trends are only around for a few months and fade away, whereas others transcend and become part of a timeless design. Here at Ashley Lauren, we’ve broken down the Top 3 Design Trends for this year and how to use them within your home.

Bold & Intense Paint Colours

In comparison to the light and airy paint colours that we’ve seen in the early 2000’s, we are definitely starting to see more bold and intense colours come into the spotlight. These would include dark emerald green, black, charcoal, sage, mocha, coral red, and everything in between.

Using bold colours in a space enhances the intimacy of a space, as well as creating natural accents in your home. With the majority of spaces in your still maintaining a light and bright ambiance, having a room or two use a darker colour can be a real conversation starter in your home.

Of course, we wouldn’t recommend your entire house be dark. However, if you want to feature a darker paint colour in your space, here is what we recommend:

1. Go big or go home. Typically, when using a dark colour, it’s more aesthetically pleasing when you really commit to it. Why stop at the walls? You can also feature a darker colour on the ceilings, exterior siding, doors, cabinets, and more.

2. Balance is key. No one wants a space that is overly dark. It can dampen your mood, make the space feel smaller, and overall, it can be an overkill. We recommend balancing dark paint colours with lighter furniture, flooring, and having a good use of both natural and artificial lighting.

3. Pick your room wisely. While dark colours are gaining more and more popularity, this doesn’t necessarily mean they can be used in any application. We recommend choosing a room that naturally has a darker, moodier setting that don’t necessarily have a big footprint. Rooms such as living rooms, dens, offices, etc. would work great, but we would recommend maintaining a lighter aesthetic for rooms with higher traffic such as kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Curved Elements

Curved elements in design have been around for centuries, but mainly got their time in the spotlight during the 60’s and 70’s. With mid-century modern furniture getting a second wind in recent years, it is no surprise we are starting to see bigger curves in furniture pieces, decorative elements, and even doorways and arches. It makes a space more inviting, less harsh, and a subtle nod to vintage design.

Photo: Mobilia

Designing with trends can be tricky as people don’t want to instantly date their home by using elements that will age over time. Here is Ashley Lauren’s top tip for using curved or trendy elements:

Top Tip: It is always easier to keep the staples in your home neutral and timeless – leave the trendy items to ones that can be easily changed later. It is much easier to change out a chair or a couple of staged items compared to an entire kitchen. Consider having a trendy accent chair, pendant lights, or some fun vases to fill your bookshelves!

Natural Earth Tones

The world of design has been centered around the colour white for a long time now. And let’s be honest, white will always be a timeless staple that isn’t going away anytime soon. However, more and more natural earth tones gaining popularity. This can be achieved through paint colours (natural creams, beige, terra cotta, sage, etc.), wooden cabinetry, and even live edge furniture pieces.

Photo: Elle Decor

It is not a surprise that having natural elements in your home can be good for the soul. Especially during a time where working remotely is at an all-time high, having elements that connect us back to the outdoors is critical for our wellbeing. Not to mention, Earthy tones can be a great neutral background to add a pop of colour, accent decor, or feature element in your space.

Want to use any of these features in your space? Consider using Ashley Lauren Design Co for your next project! Send us a message to get started.

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